At the beginning of 2015, a study carried out by APCE showed that only two thirds of the companies created manage to exist for more than three years. However, the criteria for a company’s success are difficult to define. However, successful business leaders regularly provide advice at conferences and trade shows. So what are the secrets that have enabled these entrepreneurs to succeed?

Knowing how to surround yourself

For Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, the co-founder and Chairman of the Strategic Committee of ISAI and Kernel Investissements, any business project must be based on a strong and united team. The creation of a successful company requires the bringing together of competent people from the very beginning of the project, sharing the same desire and objectives. For small companies and start-ups, the tug-of-war between co-founders is indeed a major reason for failure. Giving as many people as possible access to the company’s capital is a good way to build a team.

Be bold

Although many boards recommend caution when starting a business, it is very often necessary to show a real willingness to be bold and innovative to be successful. This is essentially the point of Viadeo’s co-founder Dan Serfaty, for whom curiosity and original positioning play a major role in the success or failure of a company. The French system also encourages innovation and allows entrepreneurs to carry out bold projects.

Ensure a flawless organization
As all entrepreneurs know, the creation of a company involves a large number of steps and many responsibilities on a daily basis. Days are sometimes too short to accomplish everything. Héloïse Dion, the founder of the start-up Pastas Party, therefore advocates organization and method to avoid getting caught up in administrative tasks. Optimal time management is necessary to move forward in the real areas that allow the company to grow.

Become an expert

Florence Haxel, the creator and president of the dynamic social network Mes Bonnes Copines, highlights the importance of new means of communication in the success of a company. Before seeking to transform prospects into customers, it is necessary to produce a quality offer in a unique niche and to establish itself as an expert in its field. The notion of expertise recognized by a community is thus increasingly replacing that of a trade.

Adopt a positive attitude

To successfully carry out any business project, it seems necessary to maintain a positive attitude in order to overcome difficulties, but also to motivate the members of his team and pull the company upwards. The founder of the ready-to-wear brand Charlott’ lingerie Véronique Garnodier suggests putting at the heart of business creation the notions of sharing and pleasure to improve the various tasks performed.

Listen to external opinions

A final piece of advice for entrepreneurs is finally given by the manager of the La Maison des Travaux broker network, Philippe Courtoy. He recommends opening up to external partners by not hesitating to solicit new contributions of expertise for the good of the project.