The network of young entrepreneurs is now offering its expertise to Canadian business creators, with the Moovjee Quebec.

The Mouvement pour les Jeunes et les Étudiants Entrepreneurs has just established itself in the Quebec region. To benefit from support in the development and growth of your company, the only condition is to be between the ages of eighteen and thirty.

To provide long-term support for future Canadian talent, the Moovjee reproduces an offer that has already proven its worth in France. Network members provide mentoring for entrepreneurs, support promotional activities and provide access to training.

Indeed, the young Quebecers who declare themselves in favour of the entrepreneurial adventure are close to 36.9%. In fact, 3.9% of them are taking the plunge.

In its mission across the Atlantic, the Moovjee can count on multiple supports: “J’entreprends Quebec”, the Quebec School of Entrepreneurship, the Jeune Chambre de commerce, the SAGE-Mentorat d’affaires. He also works in collaboration with the Youth Secretariat, Lieutenant Governor J. Michel Doyon, the Offices Jeunesse Internationaux du Quebec (LOJIQ) and the Office franco-queébécois pour la jeunesse. (OFQJ)

A mission to France in spring 2020 is planned for supported entrepreneurs. According to the Moovjee, France has 11% of business leaders under 30 years of age. Quebec will therefore rely on France to set an example, in order to cultivate its intrinsic value.